The Mud of an election

There seems to be no joy in Mudville as the participants throw mud at each other.

That is the way of politics today, instead of love there is greed towards our sister and brother.

There is a glee as they drop out of the race for the white house,

Each one greedy with little substance, and are acceptable as a pest like a fleas or a mouse.

One by one they fall, like in the movie, “Ten Little Indians”

Each one fails due to a flaw in their persona.

Each one says something to cause their bonna.

Falling from grace.

And then dropping out of the race.

Carson says Muslims are not capable of being head of the fifty states,

Now he is in jeopardy for this statement casts him into a failure of the faiths.

Freedom of religion and the second amendment trump this and makes it foreign to our rights,

Eventually Carson will fade as those old Christmas lights.

And Trump is running out of asinine things to say,

His utterings are absurd as he slams people away,

Mexicans are all rapists, except a few I do like,

Muslims are okay, there are a few I do like.

Build the wall and the Mexicans will pay.

Substance is like watered down milk, concepts run away.

Carly is a mess, was covered with greed,

HP is the company that she bankrupted with speed.

And not far behind is Lucent, dimming their lights,

She got perks by the dozen and not small bites.

Then there is Hillary and company with baggage galore,

She views the white house as hers, she smiles like a boar,

Grunting with passion and saying what you want to hear,

She smiles with glee and invokes in me a fear.

Is this all we have, the best of the lot,

Send us a savior to pull this country out of the hot,

For we are heading on a course, like the group on Gilligan’s Island.

We will beach soon, and get stuck on the sand.


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