Car Love

We love our cars, not only to take us from one place to another,

But more like an object of desire, like a peculiar type of lover.

We polish them, wax them or treat them to a mud bath,

We put in little things to personalize them like arts and craft.

We call them pet names and with a tear trade them in,

We fondly recall them, like a departed relative, like some kind of kin.

We speed in them and do wheelies and spin out of control,

We spend a fortune on them and add fixtures to them, a financial toll.

And we will them to the next generation and expect them to be glad,

We have seen cars go through morphing as they have been subjected to a fad.

The fins of the fifties, the GPS of today, the button ignition are examples of this,

We even tune the objects of desire up and give our auto mechanics a list.

And just as the car is about to be paid off, we trade her in for a newbie,

It loses ten percent of value as you leave the lot, mazel tov.


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