the Lucky Coin

A lucky penny in his pocket, he fingered it with glee,

He could feel the ridges that were worn smooth as could be.

But it was his talisman, something miraculous he thought,

Something special, something that could not be bought.

It was this lucky penny that he made wishes on,

It granted him peace and tranquility, and money a ton.

He would flip it and if it was heads, it was a yes,

And tails a no, and so he used it to decide what was best.

He flipped it on which scratch off to buy and won a million plus,

He flipped it to decide which girlfriend to wed and in marriage no fuss.

He flipped it on a job and went for management with aplomb.

He made money and prestige like pulling from the pie a plum.

And now at the end he bet the devil for his soul on a flip of his token.

It came out heads and he rose to heaven, if not his soul would be broken.


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