Why do we accept evil?

The evidence was clear and staring you in the face,

You wore it around your persona as truth of your disgrace,

Yet you tried to sell your reputation as pure and chasse,

But in fact you were impure, a stain on the human race.

So is the obituary of so many who have departed,

Yet at their funeral we whitewashed them, do not get me started.

We look for the good and try to say lies to hide their disgrace,

We avoid the stares and look into the void, into outer space.

Rapist, murderer, sadist, creep,

Someone at the funeral is found to weep.

No one is pure evil, everyone has some good,

Even the worse person in the position of leader in the gangster hood.

Capone was a good boy and gave his mother hugs and kisses,

He killed many and only a few survived because of his misses.

Valentine’s Day is stained with the blood of the machine gun splatter,

But he gave to charity and to some that is all that will matter.

We forgive and forget and some skirt by with their dirty laundry,

To me it is a mystery, a real puzzle in a quandary.

Can you forgive the person of rape, the person who killed just for killing sake?

Can you grant a pass to heaven for the serial killer who caused pain, that cad who was a rake?

The bully who caused the suicide of that young child who could not take it no more,

That person of interest who shot at passerby’s and caused so much gore.

Beware of karma and the tempting of fate,

Beware of the scum of the earth, for Pete’s sake.


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