The truth hurts.  Noah did put two of each animal on the ark.  But that is not the end of the story.

A cow and a bull were led to the stall.  This is true.  But over the course of the trip the family of Noah got hungry and the bull was slaughtered for meat.

A chicken and a rooster were brought aboard.  This is true.  But over the course of the trip the family got extremely hungry.  The chicken was broiled and eaten.

A male and female pig were brought aboard the Ark. This is true.  But there was a desire to have bacon and since Noah was Jewish he refused to slaughter either one of them.

So where does all the cows come from when one of the two was eaten.  If you swallowed this bull then you will believe this story.  And if you believe that the rooster was eaten you definite are looney for this is a cock and bull story.

Now here is the rift.  Jews eat bacon.  They say no but take a Jew to a Chinese Restaurant and watch him or her chow down on an egg roll.

Welcome to the world of misdirection.

Now to Donald.  It is misdirection.  He will pull out of the race soon.  He has announced that he liked many on the stage.  He will put his support behind someone.  Pull out and say he is doing this for the country and that person will make this country great again.  He will behind the scenes work for the cause.

If you do not believe me, watch.


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