The debates

The Debates:

First off they are not debating.  They are stating their positions.  With that many people on the stage a debate is virtually impossible.  Maybe a zinger or two but no real substance debate.

Are the commentators going to ask each one their stance on immigration and how to solve it in three minutes?  That is not going to happen.

I imagine after this debate a few will take themselves out of the race. No sense putting good money down the drain.

So tonight will be fun to watch.  Like a race at NASCAR.  A good accident and elimination from the track.

Trump touches the spot of so many fed up with government.  They want a representative who has no government ties.  No indication of strings pulled by those lobbyists.

Look at the Donald.  He is playing the Apprentice.  He will make the people under him cow tow to him.  He will select yes men and women.

He will be the Donald of the show, only it will be the President.

He has not given any policies, just trust me, “I will be pro, what ever you are”

Women hear you roar.  Well it never happened.  Still minority report.  Just a handful in the Senate.  Hillary needs seven bell hops for all the baggage she brings with her.

In truth the choices make you yawn and then fear.  Who can handle the ISIS crisis?  Who will be a true leader?  Who will come to the forefront and do something about the problems we face?

A note on the refugee problem in Europe.  Imagine our border with Mexico.  One hundred thousand Mexicans line up on the border and cross at the same time.  What does the United States do?

They demand to be let in and rush the people who are there to contain them.  Really, do you let in tens of thousands a day for a month?  One million refugees and the crying to be compassionate.


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