My youth is going away, slowly fading out.  The stars who I watched on television and in the movies are passing into the sunset.  Somehow they got old but in the movies and television reruns they still are in their youth.

Leonard Nimoy will always have those strange ears.  Why did he have them, I do not know, they never seem to make him hear better, like Superman.  But for some reason when he passed I felt some amount of remorse.  It was a cheesy series, sometimes rather predictable.  The guys not in the credit would be killed by the entity from space.  Bones would make weird analysis and be Southern.  You would think that hundreds of years would knock out that.  Scotty would portray a Scot and yet that too would disappear from his persona with time.  Never saw him wear a kilt.  Kirk would have that speech pattern that seemed to emphasis some words out of sequence.  And Spock would fight the human feelings in him.  Love, Hate, and emotions.

Martin Miller.  I know Adam 12, but to me Route 66 was Miller. Two guys on the road and moving on.  He had that look of the boy next door.  Guys wanted the adventure.  College forget it, get in the car and travel the United States.  Meet girls, love them, mix in with the people and then move on.  It worked on the Fugitive, Bronson on a motorcycle and the trucker with the chimps.  The lure of the road.  Road trip for years.  No commitments and gas was under a dollar.  Heaven.

Dennis Greene, a Singer With Sha Na Na, Dies at 66

Mr. Greene, who left the band after 15 years, went on to become a vice president of Columbia Pictures and then a law professor.

I remember the show.  He sang well.  Of course Boozer was the man.

I actually saw him at Cypress Gardens Adventure Park.  His audience was small and he walked into the small crowd and did his flexing of his muscle.
Dennis Greene, top row, fourth from left, with Sha Na Na. He left to get a master’s degree at Harvard and a law degree at Yale. Credit via Photofest


Greene is the Black guy in the center.

Three guys.  Gone.  I am getting old and I feel it.


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