What a waste.

What a waste.  Go to any school which serves lunch to the students of America and they dispose of tons of edible food.

Today, as much as 40 percent of food produced in America is thrown away, amounting to 1,400 calories per person per day, $400 per person per year, and notably, 31 million tons of food added to landfills each year.

So we grow the food which cost money, process it which cost money and then send it to schools across America which cost money.  Then we serve it to our youth who refuse to eat it for it tastes like crap.  We then throw it out and send tons to the dump.

We compound this by trying to serve nutritious food.  This results in more waste.

Children would rather starve than eat healthy.

Carrot sticks go to the waste basket, apple slices join them.

We have nutrition experts who can make the healthy food taste really good, yet it does not work.

It is like a conspiracy from the waste gremlin.

People starving in the world and we throw out tons.  Confusing is it not?


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