The Fairy Stories that Confuse Me.

I never understood Jack and Jill.  They go up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  They are shown at a well.  I think wells would be at the bottom of the hill?

The three bears are another story I have difficulty with.  There is the Dad, Mom and one kid.  Big, Medium and Small.  Why does the girl want the middle choice?  Most girls I know would want the big.  Size does matter.

Rapunzel lets down her hair and I guy uses it as a rope.  She must have some strong neck muscles.

The goose that lays the golden egg.  What elements does it eat to manufacture that in its system?

Wolves are depicted as bad.  There is the Big, Bad Wolf, the wolf that goes after Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf that eats the two pigs.  Shepard’s protected the flock against them.  Query: Are the wolves in the hood?  Are they related and gang members.

Witches can fly on brooms.  They get the straw vote.  Do they get frequent flying miles?

Humpty Dumpty is a scrambled egg.  Did all the kings’ men have breakfast?

And how were horses supposed to put him back together.  Reconstituted egg?

Was he an egg head?  Was he the yolk of the town?

The fool on the hill brings up the question of discrimination.  Was he stuck on the hill because he was different?  Why was he a fool?  Bad example of exclusion.  I wonder if he was bullied.

Shylock is from Shakespeare and gives rise to antisemitism.  He is nether shy nor does he have to do with locks.  Maybe he is related to Goldilocks?  A man of wealth or a miser?  Does a man of wealth automatically become a miser?  What about a philanthropist?


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