The vague Criminal

The crime was committed and the witnesses were questioned to describe the bad guy.

Individually their description ranged, he or she was short or tall, he was in a tee shirt or not, maybe a tie?

He had a beady look, or was he sophisticated like a professor at school,

In his hand was a gun or was it a break in something that resembled a tool.

He was stout or was she lean,

He had a look about him that was horrible or mean,

He had a posse or maybe he or she was alone,

He was skinny or maybe he could be described as creamy in tone.

She was curvy or maybe she wore revealing clothes,

He had a muscular feature and wore flip flops and had six toes.

Round and round they went and described every aspect of the thief.

The pages of description were looked at by professionals and then given to the chief.

And he in desperation finally just threw the whole thing out into the waste pan,

The description so vague it could be any women or any man.


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