Puny puns

Iowa  is misspelled.  It should be iouwa. A state in arrears.

Mississippi misses the ippi and is a state of stagnation.

New York is getting old and should be Old Yorkie.

Washington is our cleanest state.  But there is some agitation there.

Four corners is a place of meeting.  We should hold the Republican Conference on that spot and play ring around the corners.

Hillary is getting eroded down.  She should change her name to Bumpy Clinton.

I am watching for floods.  Curt Flood use to play baseball.  He would surf into second base but sometimes was a little short.

I use to take the subway in New York, I tried to get on the d. rail but it was off that day.

Can you reach a contract if it is breached?

Does a whale say it had a whale of a good time?

If I digress can I also pro gress?

I am at confusion with flipping houses.  Is it like flipping pancakes?  Are the roofs on the ground and you enter through the attic?

I hear that fifty cents has a brother.  He is the other fifty cents.

Can Ludicrous ever be sardonic?
Indians built high buildings in New York.  Were they off the reservation?

Can intel ever be non intelligent?

Rumor has it that the next president will be an actor.

Why do cats sleep so much?  Imagine they were awake more.  Would they be better hunters if they spent more time on the hunt?


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