Sick Puns in the Sun

What are rice cakes?  I know they are made of rice but where is the cake?

Gefilte fish puzzles me.  What kind of bait do you use to catch them?

What is a saddle tramp?  He could not be a cowpoke for that indicates he has a job and therefore not a tramp.

Is backlash the same as whiplash?

Can a blind person go to Sea World?

Can a microwave go macrowave?

I had two cats named Mac and Cheese.

Do back roads have spines in them?

Is a meatloaf steamed or stewed when it is angry?

Do solvents solve the problem?

Do jumbo planes carry jumbo cargoes?

Can stainless steel ever have stains?

Is low fat a Chinese food?

Can Scarlet get scarlet fever if she gets sick?

What cost more the water in the bottle or the bottle in bottled water?

If you stole a truck of bottled water what would be your punishment?

What is a non-attorney spokesperson?  You mean lawyers cannot speak for themselves?

If A One Steak Sauce tenderizes meat, and you eat a steak smothered in it and it goes in your stomach, does it then tenderize your stomach?


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