Watch what you say.

We are so politically correct that we have warped ourselves into a nightmare.

No one talks without worrying that their words would be misinterpreted and that causes fear.

We are scared to offend and be branded prejudice or worse,

We now find that what we say can be misinterpreted and a curse.

Paula Deen the butter Queen, spoke the N word and was economically attacked,

News commentators speak their mind and find their careers curtailed and even sacked.

No one says what they mean and skirt issues as if they were the plague.

So we say things with hesitation and make them unclear and vague.

We cannot call a person a bitch without someone calling us a sexist,

We could make a collection of non-usable words and put it on a list.

So in a country where we have the right to speak,

We have muted ourselves and have become muted and weak.


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