Bad Kitty is Gone.

Why do we feel so much remorse when a pet dies?

There are tears and grieve, and red eyes from tears and cries.

There are gulps of air and heaving of the chest.

There is a numbness that something is lost, you know the rest.

Yesterday our cat, Bad Kitty, died from the poisoning of pee?

Obscene as it appears it was the cause that caused our cats demise.

It came sudden for Bad Kitty was only three and small of size.

My wife was hurt and went into remorse,

Grief is real and it runs a difficult course.

Bad Kitty is gone and the memories are growing dim,

We buried her in the back yard, near the lake on the rim.

Sudden and fast and the gulf of loss was deep.

Last night was tough and we lacked some sleep.

So now we dwell on the petting of our surviving three cats.

Whitey, and our Turkish Van, and Morris sleeping on his gray mat.


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