Back and glad to be.

Sorry guys been gone for over two weeks. LEGOLAND has exhausted me.

Back on track.

My mind has gone blank, or else I am shooting blanks.  So slowly I must massage the grey cells and come back to creativity.

We have gray cells and white cells and red cells.  Color coordination of the body.

Well, back to work.  Does the sniper bird use a telescopic lens?  Does the wren mate with the hen and have when’s?

Is there an app for appetite?  If one has a petite appetite doe’s one eat small foods, like little corns?

Are the small corns on my feet come from the cornfield?

Does the fish in the ocean know north, south, west and east?  Or does he feel the warmth of currents and just follow them?

Do Great Whites have a counterpart in Great Blacks?

Do coral reefs have interior decorators?

Certain words have meaning in the letters?  Lasers and Scuba are words and yet each letter has a meaning?  What is a broad, what does the letters mean?  B equals babe, R is red hot, O is over the top, A is great behind and D is drop dead gorgeous.

Love and marriage is like a horse and carriage.  But which comes first, the horse or the carriage?  You feed the horse and it pulls, you feed the man and it pulls his weight.  The carriage is ornate and in precious metals, like a superior car with great features. Just like a woman with good carriage.


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