A total waste of your time.

What did one bee say to another in Shakespeare time? To bee or not to bee.

The man from Nantucket who was off to Plunkett was asked the time.

He replied not looking at his fob and his thingamajob that it was a waste and a crime.

To rely on the hour and minutes and watch the second hand rotate around,

Was a waste of good taste for in soothe we will get there when we arrive.

And at that moment I understood that time is absurd,

Like a nontransitive verb and has no meaning in the scheme of things.

Why do we record when we die, for the spirits do not care,

Why do we record when we are born as if it was the start of a race with a horn.

Time is scorn and we obey it like a leash.

Is there no other way to look at, it is in fact a leech.

You do not believe me, then answer me this,

You are late to your date and your girl is gone,

Did she wait forever and greet you with a frown,

No she ditched you and went on her merry way,

And so ruined another day.

No time, No money, No sweetheart and yes No Honey.


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