A poem for my Love

For my love would you cry me a river?

Leap tall buildings at a single bound?

Cross an ocean?

Take a flying leap?


Spot on?

Would I who love you expect these foolish carryings on?

I would expect a smile on occasion and a laugh at my jokes.

I would expect a complement to urge me on and encourage instead of a yoke.

I would not expect obedience for I believe you have your own mind and would exercise your believes.

I would not expect you to agree with me at all times for two lovers can think different thoughts.

I expect you to be kind to all and I will return it in kind.

I expect you to wish to have goals and I will always be back their pushing you to them from behind.

I believe in children and would expect we would raise a few,

I would expect there will be days of great joy and some days when the skies will not be blue.

But through it all we will fight the fight and together we will stand.

You at my side, me at your side, hand in hand.


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