change is around the corner

The repetition of our lives makes complain that it is the same old same old,

And yet we complain, and then there is a change and we complain because of the change that we are told.

We know life is change, our bodies show us that,

I have wrinkles now, and some not so pleasant rings of fat.

The smooth skin is gone and my hands look a little like that of an alligator,

My head is bald like that plastic doll that looks like a tator.

I have a  moustache but it is now the color of white,

I look in the mirror and see an old man, what a change of sight.

My eyes are now not twenty twenty, at least they are still blue,

My brain still works though and sometimes I see things through,

My country, America, has gone through age just like me,

People do not see eye to eye and we complain bitterly.

War is still fought on a crazy scale,

Weapons are drones, they will eventually deliver the mail.

My prediction is that the post office will cease to exist,

Drone delivery, UPS and FedEx will knock them off the job list.

People will be educated at home via that computer from Dell.

Their knowledge will come to the by courses, their teachers communicate with email.

Office space will be a distant memory as we all will work from home,

The house communicator will be cells and goodbye to the old phone,

Rotary and dials and telephone operators of the past,

Those instruments of old will be a retro blast.

Change is inevitable and comes at us fast,

Three D printers will get better and clones will become a humanity class.

Nostradamus will be noted for he predicted the end,

The end of our world is coming as he predicted by his feather pen.


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