We are all the same.

We are a diversified lot and yet not,

We are skin and bone and sinew too,

We have veins that have red in them but they are blue,

We have different colors but difference is pigment due,

White, black and even yellow,

But underneath is a women or fellow.

Nails are the same, fingerprints give no clue,

To what race you are, is it really matter?

Family is important, good deeds, and the fellowship of mankind,

That is so much more important, for in reality we are like grains of sand,

We are all on the beach of life and the water laps onto our grains,

How we react is important, all mankind must stay sane,

No more guns and bullets with the blood rage,

No more needless death as if on a Shakespearean stage,

Let life be kind and of a great status to woman and man,

That is what the purpose of God and his ultimate plan was.

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