A man called Able and his admission to the toil of work

It’s all my fault and I am ready to admit it,

My body aches when I exercise for I did not stay fit,

My stomach growls and my heart burn burns,

My head is throbbing and my neck aches when it turns.

I ate too much crap and called it a meal,

The money spent on it was added up and it is surreal,

The MacDonald’s now cost a paycheck and a half,

Burger King and Wendi’s expenditure, proof that I am daff.

Eating out is not the pleasure it was,

I Hop is expensive and the food is meek,

Eggs and pancake mix must be at a price peak,

And coffee at Seven Eleven is a hard hit just for one cup,

I can afford only one cup and that is at dinner’s sup,

The gasoline I put in my tank makes my engine roar,

But the cost of it makes my bank account hit the floor.

Nothing is cheap and that is no lie,

Water is bottled and price tagged, I just want to die.

I work for the man night and day,

Tennessee Ernie Ford was right you cannot have it your way,

It is sixteen tons and I owe my soul to the company store,

Publix has my soul and my body is slumping to the floor,

I would declare my independence from the daily toil,

But that would mean burial and I cannot afford the coffin and soil,

So it is off to work I go, a smile on my face, and a Hi Ho like the dwarfs of fable,

I will work myself everyday as long as I am Able.


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