The destruction of Love

It is just a word, simple and true but the feeling behind it is strong,

The word itself is just a few letters but sometimes it is interpreted wrong.

The word is Love and it sometimes means hate,

Go to most divorces and see if you could relate.

Yes, there was love and maybe that is why hate is in the air,

For now there is mistrust, cheating and pulling hair,

Violence at times and meanness personified,

Words spit out with venom, no love has now been denied.

We hate to be betrayed and yet it is rampant out there,

It has caused destruction of relationships, behind the back with little care,

Cheating on the person we said we would spend the rest of our lives with,

Now the cause of many marriage failures and that divide the divorce split.

We worked so hard to create an endowment of trust,

We shared a bank account and credit cards, joint custody a must,

And now we linger in a limbo of mistrust and denial,

We now have a grimace where instead was a smile.


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