Puns for fun of it.

On an island of the Cyclops do they drive on the left or right side of the road?

How one act does when a person is subservient to others, are they underwater?

In financial terms does ones money get wet when they are under water?

Did Donald Meek have any roles where he did not act meek?

If the teller at the bank disclosed information can they be sued for telling?

Is finishing school a school for those who are Finnish?

Does one toil when one works with the soil? Old MacDonald therefore was a toiler and he had a farm with e,i,e,i,o. Five business partners who were silent but put up the money for farm operations?

They paid for the equipment that split the peas.   They chiseled the granite with Deere Plows? Bambi protested but she did it because she was a peaceful doe.

If one is rolling in dough are they rolling with Bambi?

If one has a duck factory is it a down enterprize?

Why does one Lick the Split, lickity split?

Was the Thin Man in Thinner?

Did the asp that killed Cleo bite her in the ass?

I had whole milk in a teacup? Should it not have been whole tea?

How does one drink Scotch? Does he puree a Scotchman?

Was King Kong a royal ape?


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