Two boys at sea.

The news is a continuing puzzle to me.

Two boys are missing in a small boat. The mothers saying that the boys knew the art of sailing and they were good at it. Yet they are missing. The boat capsized and found. The search goes on. I empathize with the mothers. I remember the day I gave the keys to a car to my son.

I remember the first night out he had and how my wife and I stayed up worried. When is it the right time to allow for the child to take the mantle up? Adulthood is there and we all transport ourselves into its realm.

There is a moment in the movie Them. There are two small boys in the drains under the Los Angeles area. But the giant ants are in there as well. The first thought is to gas the ants. But what of the boys? Then they look at the mother of the boys. For the sake of the boys they do not gas. They go in and look for them.

Such is the power of empathy. We cannot cut the ties without ruing the decision.

We grieve. The boy’s chances are getting dim. Should we not allow future boys from going out on boats? We evoke Huck Finn. The adventure overcomes the peril.

Letting loose is a chore and every parent feels the sting of letting the power go. Life is a chance. We take the chances crossing the street, swimming in the ocean, or flying to a destination.


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