Pure Nonsense in the early morning

Going through my mind at one in the A.M. are many thoughts,

Things I should have done, things that I should not have bought.

I should have not swallowed the nonsense that I am the man in charge,

I am just an ordinary Joe, the typical G.I. Joe sarge,

The guy who gets the job done, the guy who is serious but can also be fun,

The guy who pays taxes, and the rent when it is due,

The guy who gets frightened easily when the ghost says, “Boo.”

Your typical fellow with only a few answers and a lot of unanswered queries,

A guy who at the end of the day is droopy and weary.

The guy who leaves the tip of twenty percent,

The guy who is getting older and tired of paying the rent.

The guy who says one thing and misunderstood what you meant.

The guy who can sorry and rue a decision or two,

The guy who loves smiles and the smurf who is blue.

And so this guy bides you an adieu as he heads back to bed,

A guy tired and therefore enough said.


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