The lure of the dollar

The haves and the have nots were in a poker game,

The haves played but the money was not the end all aim,

But for the have nots it was not just a game of chance,

No it was the rent money that they played with when they took a stance,

It was the money to feed the family involved with the chips,

While they feasted dipped crackers into the assorted dips.

Beer was served for the have nots while the haves had mixed drinks,

The have nots prayed for they needed to be in the pink.

And the haves did not care less about losing a few grand,

To them the money was meaningless like grains of sand.

But the have nots it was like the sand in the hourglass and it was pain to lose,

Such is life, some are good days and some days blue.

But then a message arrived at the table,

It was to one of the haves and it was from his cousin Mable,

It informed him that the stock market had crashed,

Fortunes were destroyed and the haves found out they were out of cash,

Bank accounts frozen panic ensued as the haves rushed home to watch the news,

And now the ones considered the have nots watched with a shy grin,

As the haves rushed around like angels on a pin.

Falling to the depths of despair and nowhere to go,

They were a pitiful lot, for the loss of their money was such a blow.

Many died that night from the shock of the news,

Suicides rained as the economy turned the screws,

And now the ones with no money laughed for they understood the greed of the dollar,

For the ones now deprived of their wealth cried and gave a holler.

So it is with money, just a piece of paper with some ink,

May you instead have health and live life to the fullest and in the pink.


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