The dearly departed.

Is it me or someone else in the mirror reflection?

I do not seem to love the meals I use to eat like desert confection,

And now the stomach rebels when confronted with heavy sauces,

Acid eroding erupting when I have conflict like with my bosses.

Getting old is not the dream I thought it was,

There is a certain pain that circles around the body with a blast,

And then there is my ego that seems to hang low, like half mast,

I find comfort in the old movies with a cast of the dead,

Unfortunately many of them gone now, obituaries I have read,

John Wayne has been dead for over twenty years ago,

James Arness is playing poker with him guns drawn on the table,

Marilyn Monroe is enticing the guys in heavens area with a sable,

Donna Douglas is in Beverly Hills with the critters,

Theodore Bikel is singing like Teyva in the sky,

So many gone in the deli eating pastrami on rye.

And the young do not remember those I watched in the movies long ago,

They have little knowledge of Larry, Curly and Moe.

The circle of life is coming around full circle and I try not to be morbid,

But I miss the old Charlie Chan’s and received the Academy Awards and other awards assorted.


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