Mangled Words

I must be a member of the e lite because I drink lite beer and do email, and ecommerce.

Is ed educated or is he self taught by Mr. Rote and Mr. Roter.

Bi cameral is the government in Kansas. I wonder if that is one hump or two?

Like   two ships hitting in the night is not how I would want to met my sweet heart.

Should not the best man marry the best lady?

We say the cat’s meow, why not the cow’s moo?

Is working on the twenty fifth floor high maintence?

Do bugs go buggy?

When aunts get married is it to uncles?  What about ants to uncks?

Once you are in space which way is up?

If there were elevators in space could they go sideways?

Why do they call King Tut a mummy when he is a male?

Did Tiny Tim live in a tiny house?

Home, home on the ranch does not make sense unless you are baking the home.

Does bread have a yeast infection?


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