A few observations

Bill Cosby has gone from father figure to a zero figure.

I loved watching him and Culp in I Spy. It was a fun series.

But now I have a sad feeling in my stomach when I see his face. And if he did this on a constant base, the question is what did Culp do? My heroes of the past are becoming part of the Mel Gibson quote, “We do not need any heroes?” Mickey Mantle a drinker. Gibson anti-Semitic. And Trump may know how to make money but his shoot from the hip style is downright dumb. His reaction to McCain is wrong. I note Trump’s hair looks better, although still strange, now his mouth needs work.

Tact is a brew best served in a clean dish and Trump tends to use soiled material.

I avoid telling my wife that the dress is not the right fit. I would not gain points and the reaction is not positive to our marriage. I would not tell my boss that I disagree with his vision of the workplace. He would tell me to go where I am more comfortable.

I note the news tends to report an item over and over again, and it is too much. Trump, the K family, the terrorist, over and over. All are looking for the publicity and they are getting it. Are we not above them?


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