A few fun thoughts

If you eat at a gourmet restaurant are you a fork lifter. Do you use a silver spoon and act like you have a silver spoon in your mouth?

If you go past the past is it repast time?

If you have stomach poisoning do you have a malfunction meat?

Does Porky the Pig refuse to eat a pulled pork sandwich? Is it like cannibalism?

With steroids do chickens get big breasts and force to wear support bras?

Do women wear sports bras when they play chess?

Is Mister Meat Loaf a vegetarian?

If a person leaves a dog in a car and it is hot, is this the origin of the hotdog?

Ain’t is not a word but put a P up in front of it and you get a coat.

Rooms are like people for they wear a coat of paint?

Do guys use a zip line when they try to coax a woman at a bar and it does not work so he gets zip?

There is email, ecommerce and I assume a late memo is an elate memos?

Should not women be up in arms because they have men in them?

Can birds fly backwards? What about the loony bird? Is he crazy enough to try it?


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