Complete and Inane Madness

Imagine if colors were switched and what you thought was sane,

Was instead the tip of the iceberg as something bane.

Imagine a hot dog with mustard but instead of yellow, green was the scene,

The dog in a shape of a dachshund long and with little white teeth,

Your taco is purple with speckles of gold, and inside is peanut butter with flavors bold.

The eggs are green and the ham in the shape of porky the pig,

The pancakes have gravy and look like a truck rig.

The banana is red and when peeled makes a squeak,

The pp comes out semi-gloss white when you take a leak

The fish can now breathe in and out of the water,

The sharks are vicious and give you no quarter,

The carnage is everywhere and there is no end of the slaughter,

Everyone run save all your sons and your daughter.

The only refuge is the top of the mountains but beware the yeti lives there,

He is running around like a mad man in only in his red flannel underwear.

The air is now watery and we drown in our sweat,

We are all on the same plate as the animals now keep us as pets.


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