Puns at night when the bed bugs bite.

What is a ballgame figure?

If one lived forever and never died would they create a super race?

If one drunk spirits would Casper the Ghost be offended?

I cannot stand Iran anymore and therefore I run from the television.

The new product new clear is nuclear and must be used with caution.

My picture was framed and so was I.

Is context the books of a criminal?

Have you ever hunkered down in a bunk bed in a bunker? Did Archie Bunker bunker down?

If Jack and Jill went up hill to get a pail of water, the question that must be asked is why a well on the top of the hill was.

Is negotiation a negative, should it not be a prosition?

Is a knot in my yoyo a sexist comment?

Why use a rape pill when a blow up doll is just as good.

Did June Havoc create chaos in her life?

How does the Headless Horsemen know where he is going?

Are hijinks jinks on a hill?

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