Wisdom in capsule form

What are the sounds of silence?

If you can hear nothing in space is it possible that aliens do not have mouths?

We communicate in other ways, gestures or facial expressions, so do aliens. I see an alien with his middle finger up. Of course he has three so I can see it as the middle finger, long and extending as a probe.

Birds have different chirps for different things.   The only problem is

That it is no written down. What would that look like, dots and dashes?

Do the people of Bangladesh bang?

Do the people of Scotland famous for scotch tape?

Is red tape the tape of Christmas? Is that why Santa is slow on getting my presents to me. Still waiting and there is no because?

Where is the s tag in s stagnate?

What happened to Santa’s reindeer when they grow old or do they end up on the dinner plate?

Is life boring or are you or boring it?

Would you eat a hog that just eat slop that is what t you just threw out?

Time in a bottle of gin washes away the sin?

The watch that runs backwards has no second chances.


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