The Preditors out there.

There are predators out there and they stand on two legs,

They are brutal and hurtful and do harm to society,

We do catch them at times and they go through our criminal system,

But it is a revolving door for our laws are for men and women and not wolves.

Wolves in the clothing of man who con the people with cunning and smooth talk,

They are con artist supreme and they are vermin.

Vermin who wear shirts and pants and maybe suits.

We talk of rehabilitation but they perverts cannot be rehabilitated,

They have a screw lose in their brains and function outside the norm.

What do we do with the scum of the world?

There is nothing that has come up and yet they sit in their cells and smile,

For they know soon they will be released and walk among us.

We are fearful for they look just like us.

They span the gamut, color and race.

They are the scum and we are scared of them.

They hide in plain sight and we fall victim to them.

Years ago I worked for the John Walsh group, even got a letter from Mrs. Welsh thanking me for my time,

I remember looking for Adam Walsh.

I remember they found his headless body.

I remember they concluded that his head was removed while he was alive.

I read Stephen Kings book Salem Lot and I was scared. Then I read It and I was terrified.

But the Adam Walsh case was reality and it horrifies me.

Watch your kids and never take chances with them.

They are a product of you and must be protected.

May they be safe.


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