The commercial aspect of life.

  1. Celibate Definition


  • abstaining from marriage and sexual relations, typically for religious reasons a celibate priest
  • having or involving no sexual relations

Abate and debate celibate. Bet there is no rebate.

Detail the derail and suspend the suspenders.

Words that confuse and befuddle me. It is sometimes in the meaning and sometimes how they are used.

I grew up when it was the Bomb to be rad.

I was in the groove and I was not a carpenter.

I despised being utilized.

I was happy and sometimes sappy.

I loved Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben but was not related to them.

I dunked many a donut and sipped my latte.

I put my feet on Buster Brown and Tige was his dog. Sometimes my feet were dog tired.


Buster Brown

I was tired of Goodyear so I skipped to the next year.

I was never stung by Bert’s Bees and loved my honey.

I stewed many a diner and slurped slurpies.

“What’s up Doc” was never mentioned when we ate rabbit stew.

I insisted on knowing the pigs name when I had bacon so I could avoid eating Porky the Pig. I was afraid I would start stuttering.

I heard Orkin killed Mickey Mouse by luring him with cheese.


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