The name game

Names abound as the world gets crowded with humanity,

Somewhere there is a person with your moniker, is that insanity?

Your name is Abraham Lincoln and there is a second living elsewhere,

An anti-person who is a separate entity with a personality, do you care?

Who is your name duplicate kin?

Is he an angel or a person wallowing in sin?

Somewhere a Madonna without a tone,

Somewhere an Edison with no phone.

Names abound and pet names are worse,

Is your pet name Rover and you thought of it first?

We try for individuality and to feel special.

This is the concept for which we wrestle.

So we name children with a flair,

We take time and we consider the name with care,

And then we mark them with a name that they grow up to love or hate,

They can change it but most do not until too late.

So the name sticks to them like glue, names that include the name Blue,

We have Red and Friar Tuck, we have names that really suck,

We have names that become a closet fixation,

We name people and then nickname them with elation.

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