Reflections in a Black Eye

He lost his marbles and therefore was as crazy as a loon.

Does this mean the brain is made of marbles and how crazy is the loon?

Does everyone have Chinese blood in them when they woo a beau?

What is a beau tie? Is it the knot in the throat when a man says he loves a woman or the tying of the knot when they are wed?

What is trip advisor and does it stop you from falling?

Can a nudist go commando?

The family was like vultures around the table as the will was read. Afterwards they feasted on the proceeds.

Are you familiar with your family tree? Any of your tree dense? Hardwood or pliable like plywood? Do the squirrels nest in your family tree and store their nuts in the wood?

Is a house your place of sanctuary then why do we go on vacation to a hotel where you are cramped into a small room and the first thing you do is put on the television?

People on vacation amaze me. They start off with their worries in their hand, spend the money they do not have and then at the end of the vacation run home where they work to pay the freight that the vacation cost.

Would you buy a Donald Trump property if you were Latino?

Is there a clause in the contract about being a rapist when Trump is raping you on the price?

Bill Cosby was one of my heroes growing up, loved him and Robert Culp and now I wonder what happened, did Culp have the same relationship with women. I feel like the ground under my feet has shifted. The good memories smeared with indiscretions.  Now Jared is a porn viewer of children and I have trouble digesting my sandwich from Subway.


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