Puns to go

I had an aunt named Millie, when she died we had a child and named her after Millie, we called her Millisecond.

Do they eat Cod on Cape Cod, therefore it follows they would eat Coral on Cape Coral.

If you go out of the enchanted forest are you out chanting?

What kind of form is perform?

If I cement a relationship with my beau are we sandwiched together with concrete?

Sublime was the plot, therefore it was green and under the pit?

Is slime green?

What is an obscene gesture to a blind person?

As a bellhop I have seen people bring the strangest stuff. One brought his pet hermit crab. Another his expense bicycle and lastly people bring fans to an air conditioned resort. They are addicted to the noise the fan makes. Someone should invent a small devise that makes that noise to lull someone to sleep.

What goes with rabbit stew? Carrots.

Frankly is a word associated with Rhett Butler who was not a Butler and not a Frank?

Is frankfurter frank and can we have a candid conversation to catchup on gossip?


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