More rants and raves from the man in the man cave. Caving in to the puns.

Can a hurricane have two eyes? Should they not be named with more brutal names? Like monster mash, Godzilla, or Feisty. Names like Ginger and Powder Puff are kind of silly for a bad hurricane.

. Just a period. Different meanings for different folks.

Remember the cold shoulder. The iceman delivering ice use to have them from carrying blocks of ice on their shoulder. Now snobs give the cold shoulder and the most they carry is their ego.

What catch phrase hums in your brain? Who are you going to call for the answer?

Repeats on television are going to extreme. I loved Doctor Who, but Rose Tyler and Mickey have been repeated in Clara and Mr. Pink. Same concept different years.

Is Roger Rabbit the cousin to Bugs Bunny?

If a king walks during his reign in the rain does he get wetter?

What ever happened to the Purple People Eater? Did he get purple poisoning from eating the Purple Dinosaur, Barney?

Would it not be ironic if a pit bull took a nip of Pit Bull the singer?

Edith Head was a Hollywood costume person of renown. She even did hats. Is that why the pictures of the actresses of fame wearing her hats called Head shots.

Can a meat clever be used for veggies? Should it be called a veggie cleaver?

If you are a man about town do you have a weight problem?

I sat in the doctor’s office for two hours and I do not have a weight problem.

Did you see the saw at the park.

Sometimes being dull is a good thing. No one calls on you for your expertise. No one yells out is there a dull person on the train for a medical emergency. On the other hand no one knows if that is a real doctor or someone playing doctor at the expense of the emergency.

Can a con get out of prison using the X files?


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