Laughs with words

Words of confusion

Cobra: Co means approximately two participants and bra is an undergarment. So the bite of the cobra is being bitten by two nipples? The biggest bra I have seen was on a Chevy. Not Chevy Chase but an eight cylinder model with plenty of pep under the engine.

Black Face: A word now banned because of the politically correct. But women can be white faced with powder. Then they had rouge and get some color in their cheeks.

Cheeks: on the face or on the behind. Kiss the cheeks has a whole different meaning. A little peck on the cheeks can get you into a lot of trouble.

Par: Good for golf and average for other concepts. Participate a par on the third hole.

Gender words of confusion: Mention could be Womantion, Menstrual cramps makes no sense if women get them, and mentor is sexist, why not a women mentor?


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