Drama and Comedy

Drama and comedy the two faces of life,

One is the funny way of looking at things, one just strife.

And yet life is a complex mixture of the two,

Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are blue.

There are days when we are on top of the world and then there are days the world is on top of you.

There are days when you are a winner of the lottery and then there are days when you get sued.

May the days of the laugh supersede the days of the tears,

May the days of safety and peace supersede the days of fears.

The Ying and Yang of the Universe is calling your soul with silence and trepidation.

Your response maybe muted or an echo in the chasm of time, a reverberation of your perceived reputation.

We are what we perceive to be and what we hope others vision us,

We hope for praise and redemption and we pray we are not the object of the cuss.

God, may I walk in the shadow of evil and not see its darkness,

May I not submit to greed and may I be eliminate the starkness,

May I always use reason and never resort to crude and nasty remarks,

May I fly not with the evil ravens but with the meadow larks.


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