Puns and More

The new rage in Italian food is spaghetti straps.

I was held up by traffic and they took me for all I had.

Overtime is a strange concept. They pay you an extra dime and kill a lot of your time.

I ran away from the news on Iran. If I want gibberish I will turn on the network which shows Congress in no action.

They speak and yet nothing comes of it.

Iran is like the kid who puts a no entrance sign on his room but knows his parents go in there when he is out.

Is radiation rad?

If something is off the wall does it mean the nail holding the picture up broke?

The path to freedom is a bumpy road.

If I had a secret ability would I broadcast it. So why does everyone know Superman’s abilities?

One day steroids in sports will be accepted.

Check who makes the Confederate Flag and note it is China. It is a knock off so why the hub bub?

We are playing around with a hollow deck and fell into the Black Hole.

Put steroids into tiny lizards that run across my lawn and I will have dinosaurs eating my house.

Do pit men changing tires at Nascar have hairy pits?

Do cavemen play with rocks and call it rock and roll?

When will Isis be in crisis and the noise of drones scare them?


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