The Wild One

Ballad of the Trouble Kid.

I am the one that rises the hairs on the back of your neck and make you scratch your head in disbelieve,

I am the one that causes you hard ache and headaches that have your mind in a quandary when you think.

I do things that make people wonder why he did that and that which is not rational,

I do things off limits, weird and peculiar, off the wall, not reasonable and surely not fashionable.

I am the Marlon Brando riding into town on a motorcycle with my posse, filled with spice and vigor,

I am James Cagney playing the bad guy and doing irrational things with my finger on the trigger.

I get the good girl in trouble, I cause the parents to scream and the sheriff is after me for everything,

I steal the car, rob the convenience store for small change, I am the one they call deranged.

My destination is prison that is not a fact that I cannot dispute,

For my intentions are evil and my mind does not rationally compute.

Most wished I had never been born, I give nothing to this society,

But do not waste your time on my soul, for I have no room for piety.


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