Drugs and Temptation

Going down Rodeo Drive in my new BMW convertible,

Having had my rehab and now sane, drugs are revertible,

I saw what I thought was a curious sight,

A memory lane of the oldies, a pure delight.

There was Donna Douglas walking her pedigree dog,

There was the Professor whittling away on a get a way log.

Marilyn Monroe was standing by a light pole,

Conversing with Brando who was confessing his soul,

Sligh Stone was singing at the top of his voice,

Andrew Crouch was listening and arguing about Stone’s song choice.

Christopher Lee was in a hallway scary as hell,

Laughton amused himself by ringing the church bell,

I figured I was delusional for these people were dead,

Maybe I am dead and buried, I thought as I had dread.

But it was just the tinge of the drugs leaving my body and mind,

I grasped with the concept and felt a kick from behind.

The devil had grabbed my ample ass,

He pulled me down into the great morass,

But I resisted and prayed yelling, “Save me Lord and I will be good.”

Reprieve for now and I went back to my neighborhood.

But the cocaine begged me to take a whiff and I gave in to temptation,

I entered the state of drug bliss that would be my anti-salvation.

And the devil returned and took me down the path to the gates of hell,

And now I am with Laughton yelling “Sanctuary” as I ring that giant bell.


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