The puns of the day, have fun.

The panel of the peers who judged the crime went on a cruise. When they went to board the boat the pier collapsed and a new panel of peers judged the disaster.

The midget was the middle child who got the best attention from his mom and dad. He had a favorite gadget and placed the gadget in the middle of the widget.

The pitcher used a per mit for his glove. It permitted him to pitch a perfect game which went bad because of a defect in the mitt.

Time is money and therefore I will bill you ten dollars for reading this time consuming activity.

There is channels on my television which confuse me. A channel devoted for hang nails in construction. The hammer channel where you get the most for a bang. The con man channel where they show you how you can be conned. It is being sued by the con men for giving away inside secrets.

Imagine you could taste sound. A tiny ring could be so sugary. A loud bang would give you a high calorie count.

Does the justice league have a prosecutor and defender who is not involved in the situation? Legal man in tights.

Does Aqua man wear scuba equipment when he goes on land?

How does Wonder Woman ride around in the stealth airplane and no one notices her flying through the air?

If I have plastic surgery on my face am I being demared?

How long should a waitress wait for people to decide on what they want?

If you get shingles for your roof do you itch?


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