My rambling mind

Does the toucan have one can or two?

Imagine man with a beck, talons and an elephant nose? We could have been a different looking humanoid.

Did they have mosquitoes in the Garden of Eden?

Some is an interesting word, sometimes, and somewhere and somebody.

Think of all the people with last names that are occupations. Somewhere along the line one relative must have done the job.

Lots of people have son at the end of their last name. Jefferson, Johnson and so on. No daughters. How about Lincolnter, Integer, and Nixonter? Does not have the ring to it.

You can have an ex, an exmate, an exjob, an exlover and being exed out can be extreme.

Should not the cell phone be exclusive to con artists who are in jail cells?

What kind of work does a con artist do? Oils or sculpture?

Do they sell cleavers in Cleveland?

E is an interesting letter, email, etrade, ebay and ecoli.

If a horse is in a stall how do you start him?

I have an idle attitude and need to ignite my ignition.

Imagine there was an eight day to the week. What would we call it Octoday?

Can the afterbirth have a different birthday than you? Placenta eaters note there is a date of expiration on the afterbirth.

We just had the Oscars and as usual I did not watch it. I rarely see the movies they nominate anyway. I go to the movies to get away from reality and not see the grime of life. Do I really want to see a movie about a Sniper that is as real as it can get? If you go are you scoping the movie out?

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