Blue Boy

He starred at her with deep feelings in his heart,

She was in the park sitting on a bench soaking up the sun.

He wanted to go to her and profess his love

But he was immobile out of fear that she would reject him.

The more he looked the angrier he became,

Who did she think she was to reject him?

She probably would not give him a chance,

He started to notice her nose had an upturn to it.

Yes, I will not go there and make a fool of myself,

I do not need to be humiliated and treated in that way.

I am my own person and I refused to be put down,

She thinks too much of herself anyway, and I am better than she is.

At that moment a young girl got between him and the girl,

She wore torn jeans, could you believe that?

She then was joined by a young man also in scrubby clothes,

He despised them for they looked happy together.

They seemed to be taking notes, of what he had no idea’

“This is a great work of Thomas Gainsborough”, he heard them say.

And then, “It is amazing that he could use blues in so many shades.

I wonder why the young lad seems so sad.”

The blue boy would tell them if he could but then his lips did not move,

And the untenable girl, she never moved either.

But then again he was too young for her.

And she probably did not like so much blue.