Going Blank

Ever go blank and cannot remember the simple things,

Like a name or where you met someone from a while ago,

And you stretch to remember the item, but it just does not come to mind,

And then when you are not thinking about it, there it pops in like something fine.

Remember the taste of that sweet nectar of wine,

That drink you had with a twist of lemon or lime,

The smell of that rose from so long ago and that time of your life,

The strain on the brain and that terrible time when you had that strife.

The feel of that fabric against your skin and it was so fine,

The shake of that hand that caused the contract to bind,

The sight of a loved one in pain, the outrage you felt,

The relief you had once passed and the sigh that made you melt.

The senses are what makes our lives enhanced,

The stuff that love survives on the real concept of romance.

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