God is a Woman

God is definitely a woman. Or in the fashion of a female,

I know this for God sent me from cyberspace an email


I believe that Eve came first and Adam came from her rib,

That they got kicked out of Eden because of their kid.


If God were a woman and Adam acted like an ass,

She would evict him and his kin out of Eden fast.


She would not, tolerate his nonsense and put up with his drivel,

Exiled to a barren place until he learned to be human and civil.


She did grant and allow the human race the concept of free choice,

Sometimes mankind gave her grief and sometimes she would rejoice.


She would be kind and firm but take no guff or rebuttal,

She would be in mankind’s face and would not be subtle.


Would she give us an easy path or make us work hard?

No, she would be as it is, the fates would have no regard.


All of us in the same boat and the waves would be so choppy,

The human race is insane and illogical and our thoughts sloppy.


So open your mind and let new ideas soar through your brain,

But mind your manners for sin must be avoided with disdain.

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