Commercial People

Commercial People


They are born by the vision of a commercial. The pitch person for a product. The mindset to gravitate to an idea that makes the product remember able in the minds of the public. A person generated by an ad man or woman in the corner of their mind and then sold to a company as the spokesperson.


The Progressive Woman: Flo. I do not believe we know her last name.

We have got a glimpse into what the front of her house looks like. She seems to have lipstick colored red prominent on her face. Some of the ads depict her in a strange light. In one she appears to be the agent of the streets soliciting two young men while she is in the shadows, promising them discounts for some silly gadget. In another she is in the rain doused and at the end she grants him a loaner car. In a third the machine in the headquarters has a death ray and allows her to defy gravity. Pretty surreal if you ask me. I still do not know what is in those boxes. Paper guarantees? Empty with good thoughts? She is always in white like a nurse. And never in a dress. She is sexless and yet tempting? The message is mixed.


The Wendy Girl: She has red hair and a great smile. She is always pushing the meat and is a leader of the industry to sell you the idea that Wendy’s is the place to go. Low key and now in the past few weeks rather strangely erotic.


Where are the Cavemen of Geico? Did the gecko eat them? What about the man made of money? What ever happened to the last drop? Where is the dew drop inn? Do you have a game? It goes on and on the mad men and their ploys.

I see Elizabeth Taylor is still in ads. I would love John Wayne in an ad for head gear, cowboy hat or hoodies. Rock Hudson selling condoms.

Steve McQueen selling motorcycles. Robin Williams selling anything.

Elvis Presley selling exercise equipment. Peter Falk hawking eyeglasses.

And the point is no residuals because all of them have passed on.

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