Many years ago they attacked me on the way to school. They were bullies to the right of me and to the left and in front of me.

There was snow on the ground and they scooped it up and threw the snow balls at me as fast as they could. It was a gang of about ten of them and I was pelted pretty badly.

I just stood there and took it. And then I attacked. I had nothing to lose and since I was already hurting what did I have to lose.


They got scarred and scattered. When I got home my mother saw black and blue spots on my face where I had been hit. She did not say anything, what could she say. The next day teachers noticed the bruises but they did not say anything either.


For some reason those nut cases who did the pelting left me alone. They thought I was tough because I took it and said nothing. They also realized I was crazy enough to attack them even with their superior numbers.


I have seen how there is power in numbers and it can get real scary. Alone there is the tendency to think you do not count. But in numbers there is a push to act superior. Maybe that is why I never liked groups. I became a loner. I never liked doing what the group insisted on because many times it was a negative power push.


I learned to run in a direction different from the crowd because crowd dynamics have a rhyme and reason of their own and many times I did not agree with the direction they were taking.


Being bullheaded and getting the power because of your position is how I l view Congress. There are the bullies. They were the ones who set up this craziness that just took place in Congress. Fools in suits. Fools who did not understand that the regular person, man or woman, was hurt with their position. They reminded me of the spoiled brat who says if he or she does not get their way they would hold their breath. Frankly it was hard to watch, the bullies of Congress pushed their agenda down the throats of everyone who did not agree with them. Let us hope that soon bully tactics will stop.

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